Debianizing the DSPAM Email Spam Filter


DSPAM is a scalable, statistical spam filter. Quoting Federico Sevilla III, who submitted the original RFP:

"DSPAM (as in De-Spam) is an open-source project to create a new kind of anti-spam mechanism, and is currently effective as both a server-side agent for UNIX email servers and a developer's library for mail clients, other anti-spam tools, and similar projects requiring drop-in spam filtering.

The DSPAM agent masquerades as the email server's local delivery agent and filters/learns spams using an advanced Bayesian statistical approach (based on Baye's theorem of combined probabilities) which provides an administratively maintenance-free, easy-learning Anti-Spam service custom tailored to each individual user's behavior. Advanced because on top of standard Bayesian filtering is also incorporated the use of Chained Tokens, de-obfuscation, and other enhancements. DSPAM works great with Sendmail and Exim, and should work well with any other MTA that supports an external local delivery agent (postfix, qmail, etc.)"

False negatives are rejected by the user by using the mail client to forward them to the user's "spam" mailbox. False positives can be reviewed using a web browser ( screenshot ), and these actions are used by DSPAM to train itself.

There has been quite a bit of interest lately in packaging this application for Debian. Discussion to date has been carried out on #195948. The work accomplished so far has been assembled from the patches sent to #195948, tagged to reflect the submissions, and added to the Alioth pkg-dspam CVS (obsoleted).

Development team


We have now a maintainer team for dspam and we would like to introduce ourselves: We are discussing our changes at pkg-dspam-misc, if you want to participate in the discussions please join the mailinglist. If you have questions about dspam or that have to do with the packaging of dspam in debian, please ask them there. We are moved to subversion and you can find the project here. Most of the changes from the cvs repository are merged with svn and the cvs repository is now obsolete.

Initial Contributors

File bugs ?

You are sure you found a bug ? Well, mostly it's a feature but if you consider it as a bug...

Please file the bugs to the BTS using the tool reportbug and be as verbose as possible. Please see Filing bugs


Good documentation can be found at: DSPAM